• Tech Support

    If you have any problems in the firmware update, pleae feel free to contact our technical support team service03@corehan.shop

  • Step 1

    Please download the following upgrade package.


    Copy this link to your computer broswer (Recommended to use Google Chrome), hit the Enter key to start the download.

    Download the firmware file on desktop or laptop.

  • Step 2

    If there is not a decompression software in your computer, please down and install the 7-zip software in your computer.


  • Step 3

    After the download, enter the download folder and install the software 7-zip in your computer system.

  • Step 4

    Decompress the download file . Press the right key of your mouse under the file name, then select the software 7-zip to decompress the rar file.

  • Step 5

    Format a microSD card to FAT32 in your computer.

  • Step 6

    Open the firmware folder, copy the 13 files into the ROOT DIRECTORY of the microSD card.

  • Step 7

    Insert the SD card into the stereo card slot, and power on the stereo again.

    The firmware would be updated automatically.